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Winners From Tonight's Big Game

Winners From Tonight's Big Game

Okay y'all. So here's the thing. I do not watch football. I don't understand it and learning it is difficult. But I wanted The Falcons to win tonight for the culture. I'm super disappointed. The culture needed that win. But it's fine. There were certainly other winners tonight. 

1. Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga killed it. I was in my house screaming like I was front row at her concert. Here's the thing. When they announced Gaga as the performer this year, I wasn't excited. I wasn't disappointed. I just felt indifferent. She released the uber disappointing, snoozer of an album, Joanne this year, and I just wasn't sure if she could bring the excitement. She shut me right on up. Gaga has hits for days and when she performs them all at once, it's a reminder of who she is. Gaga's mic was on. Her choreography was tight, and her set was perfect. I saw a lot of people complaining on Twitter that she didn't make a strong political statement, but I honestly think she did. Let me know when the next Gaga concert is because I had fun tonight. I'm ready to give her my money. 

2. Verizon

Every year, I live Tweet the #AdBowl with my fellow marketers, advertisers, and PR pros. Ads this year were hit or miss, although mostly hits. But Twitter was where it really went down, and Verizon did not come to play with you pros. It came to slay. T-Mobile and Sprint both spent the night with ads coming directly for Verizon, names and all. Verizon said, that's cute. While T-Mobile spent $10 million on (great) 50 Shades of Grey-esque ads, saying that being with Verizon you were signing up to be punished. Verizon came back with: 

And that burn was $free.99. Check out Verizon's Twitter feed. They spent the whole game clapping back. I only wish that they could've ended the night with you know you're that service when you cause all this conversation. 

Verizon, call me. I'll be here all week if you need a freelancer. 

3. The Internet

The internet is a forever winner. Period. Some of the funniest tweets I saw tonight include:

When Gaga decided to come out and slay us all.  

When Gaga started singing "Telephone," and every single stan's heart started racing, because even though we KNEW she wouldn't, we were all kind of hoping she would hop her pregnant self out there and hit some "Telephone" choreography.

When this girl was just golden. 

Before the night took a turn for the worst, and Twitter was at peak internet. 

When we all realized what was hapening and needed a scapegoat. 

Sigh. Honestly, the list was supposed to be so much longer than this. Atlanta as a whole was supposed to be on this list. People of color were supposed to be on this list. This list should have been more celebratory. THIS WAS SUPPOSED TO BE OUR MOMENT AFTER THIS SH-- 

You know what. I'm hurt. I need to go. Who were the winners for yall tonight? Don't you hop in the comments talking about no Patriots either! 


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