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What I'll Be Watching This TV Season

What I'll Be Watching This TV Season

It's my second favorite time of the year! No it's not fall *drop kicks your pumpkin spice latte.* 

It's time for fall TV premieres! A special time when new shows will throw their hat into the ring and a good half of them will be chopped after the second episode. There are lots of new shows I'm looking forward to, and of course I have my favorites that are coming back. 

Here's what I'll be watching or at least trying out this fall: 

Loosely Exactly Nicole (MTV, Sept. 5, 10:30 p.m.) 

While I'm not 1000% positive what this show is about, I love comedies and I really enjoy Nicole Byer. It's not everyday that we get a show out here starring a black, plus-sized, funny girl. I'm definitely hoping the show will be funny genuinely and not focusing on Nicole being plus-sized, but from the previews it doesn't seem to be going in that direction. I'm excited to hopefully add something new to my roster. 

Atlanta (FX, Sept. 6, 10 p.m.) 

This is the show that I'm most excited for this season. I loveeeeeeee loveeeee loveeeeeee me some Donald Glover. Did you catch the love? He's my favorite rapper and I've missed him on TV, as I was a huge Community fan. We've also been hearing rumors about this show for a while. Atlanta is executive produced by Donald, created by Donald, and starring Donald. Can we just take a moment to applaud this man for making his own way? The show is apparently loosely based on his life and is about two cousins trying to make it into rap in Atlanta. My expectations for this show are super high, and I trust Donald so I'm not even worried that they'll be let down. 

Rob & Chyna (E!, Sept. 11, 9 p.m.) 

Blac Chyna is my hood queen, so you know I'm ready for this. Rob & Chyna is a Keeping Up With the Kardashian spin off. We get to peek into the lives of Rob & Chyna working on being a couple and getting ready for a baby boy. I'm so excited to sip this tea and see how everything came about. Blac Chyna is a queen man. Do you see the come up? See it. Respect it. Learn it. Do it for yourself. Inspirational. Iconic. 

 The Voice (NBC, Sept. 19, 8 p.m.) 

Now, I usually don't watch The Voice because competition shows give me real and true anxiety. However, when I saw the clip of We singing, I knew I had to watch this season. I tuned in to their Olympic sneak preview special, and I really like Alicia Keys and Miley Cyrus as judges, and I want to see more! While I don't think I'll always be watching live, I know that I'll definitely be keeping up through Hulu. 

New Girl (Fox, Sept. 20, 8:30 p.m.) 

I am Jess. Jess is me. I friggin love New Girl. So I am all the way there for the new adventures to come. 

Empire (Fox, Sept. 21, 9 p.m.) 

Season 2 of Empire got off to a rough start, but by the end of the season they had turned the bus around and gotten it together. I'm mad hype to find out what Boo Boo Kitty is going to do next. The family is a mess right now, and I'm here for the mess. 

Blackish (ABC, Sept. 21, 9:30 p.m.) 

Last year I wrote a letter to Blackish apologizing because I was going to definitely choose Empire over them. But I don't know about that this year. I may have to watch half of Empire and switch over and finish the other half on Hulu the next day. Season 2 of Blackish was even funnier than season 1. They continue to get funnier and funnier, and I don't think I want to wait for the funny this year. But I'm not sure yet. Either way if you're not on this Blackish train, what are you doing with your life? Do you not enjoy laughs? Do you not like being happy? Get it together and tune in or at least watch it on Hulu the next day. 

Luke Cage (Netflix, Sept. 30) 

Jessica Jones was too dark for me, so I never got past episode one. But if you thought I was going to skip over this show because of that you're so wrong, get out of my ethnic house. (I didn't say Caucasian because this is Luke Cage and all.) I'm really excited to see a black superhero get his own spotlight and his own show so I will definitely be tuning in to at least try it out. 

Insecure (HBO, Oct. 9, 10:30 p.m.) 

Remember earlier when I said that I was most excited about Atlanta? I lied. I'm most excited about this. I don't know how I stumbled upon the The Misadventures of an Awkward Black Girl. But I know it provided me so much joy with every new episode. I've been waiting to get Issa back into my life and when the preview came out for Insecure I screamed. It looks perfect. I know it's going to be everything. And it is the primary reason why I'm keeping HBO. Well that, and the fact that Beyonce can always drop a visual at anytime. 

There are other shows that I'll definitely be watching this fall, most likely on Hulu, because this list is exhaustive and I have things to do. Shows like Documentary Now, Modern Family, Bob's Burgers, and Drunk History are all shows that will be played on my TV from week to week in some form. 

Are there any shows you're looking forward to? Any shows you want to live tweet with me over @CultureThesis? Let me know in the comments below! 


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