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3 Reasons We Don't Need A Black Bachelor

3 Reasons We Don't Need A Black Bachelor

1. Hope will fall away to think pieces

I'm not sure how everyone has this set up in their minds, but I've seen the Tweets. Many people are asking for this tall, chocolate, handsome guy with a perfect smile. They're imaging that they'll treat the show the same as they usually do, where an overwhelming majority of the girls will be black and everyone else will serve as "diversity." Ha! Ha! That's a lot of hope people are holding onto. Does nobody realize how this works? If they do this, the pool of women will most likely be much more diverse (which I find nothing wrong with) if not the same as it is now. The think piece universe is not going to be happy. We'll see titles such as:

Why This Season of the Bachelor is Not Okay

The Black Bachelor, Foreign Girls, And Why I Give Up On Dating

Do Black Men Want Black Women: A Look At This Season of the Bachelor

What The Straight Men of Black Twitter and The Black Bachelor Have in Common

I would like very much to avoid seeing these pieces on my timelines, and I'm sure you would too. So let's just not.

2. We already had Flavor of Love.

Recently I've gone back to Flavor of Love for the fun of it (it really is television gold), and something caught my ear. He literally says in the first episode "You ever heard of the bachelor? Well I'm the black-chelor." We already had a black bachelor. And then we had a second one after that by the name of Ray J. And no one seems to be appreciative of the pop culture moments that these bachelors have provided to us. New York! Danger, she smashed the homie! Hello, did we forget about this?

Was it trash TV? Of course. But The Bachelor is trash TV as well. It's just a little more classier with it's trash. Why are we fighting to get on classy trash TV? This takes me to reason number three.

3. We don't need to be represented everywhere.

Gasp. Shock. Pearls are grasped. Representation is important. Just today, I had a moment when I was sent a picture of my Godbaby dressed up in a Doc McStuffins outfit. I didn't have a cartoon character growing up who looked like me. We need representation in television. We need representation in the movies. We need representation in science fiction, cartoons, drama, and all of the other genres. We need representation as desirable people, yes. But do we want it this way?

As I said earlier, it's trash TV. It's the same as any of these other dating shows, only with nicer dresses, calmer arguments, and better cameras. Oh! And when they come to the end, the guy, a good chunk of the time, proposes to this girl he doesn't know who usually accepts the proposal from this man she barely knows so that later on they can get divorced for "irreconcilable differences" they didn't catch before because they don't know each other.

We are represented well on trash TV. We have all of the reality shows. We don't need this one too. 

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