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Who is the G.O.A.T. of Hip-Hop?

This started as a post stemming from the latest trend in Facebook statuses where people name a rapper they hate, like, love, etc.

The list was initially easy for me. So I was going to make a post about it....

Rapper I hate: Kodak Black/ Lil Uzi Vert/Lil Yachty (I swear they're all the same person)

Rapper I think is overrated: Lil Wayne

Rapper I think is underrated: Logic

Rapper that I love: Chance the Rapper

Rapper I secretly love: I have no shame so I hold no secrets.

Favorite Rapper: Childish Gambino

Rap G.O.A.T.: Um.

....until I got to the last question. Who is the rap G.O.A.T. in my opinion? I know what I'm supposed to say as a good hip-hop lover to avoid being stoned in the public square. I'm supposed to list off Tupac or Biggie or Nas or Jay Z. You don't even have to pretend to have a reason why, people just accept it because that's the norm.

But I never connected with Tupac. Biggie was too violent for me. And while there are certainly Nas songs that I like, I can't pretend that anything outside of "Nas Album Done" has ever really excited me enough to name him my personal G.O.A.T. And sure, I realized how big of a Jay Z fan I was when I went to the On The Run Tour, but greatest? Can I honestly say that? I don't think so.

And don't get me wrong! I respect all four of those men as powerhouses and kings of hip-hop. I respect them as some of the best to ever do it. But MY greatest, nah.

I know who I'm going to eventually name. Because no one has ever had verses that excite me or the people around me quite like Kendrick Lamar. He is magic, but it's too soon to name him the greatest of all time (although not too soon to name him as one of the greatest. There's a difference).

Perhaps I need to spend more time with some albums from the 90s and early 2000s to name a G.O.A.T. but as of right now, I just have to leave it blank.

Am I the only one? Let me know in the comments. And if you do know who your G.O.A.T. is, what album do you believe places them at that level?

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