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The Only Four Songs You Need to Hear Off of Britney Spear's Glory Album

The Only Four Songs You Need to Hear Off of Britney Spear's Glory Album

On August 26th, the Queen of Pop released a new album titled "Glory." Maybe I'm not keeping up with Britney news, but I feel like this wasn't promoted that well as I had no idea it was coming. 

Most of the album is, well, to be honest boring or hard to listen to ("Private Show" is peak nasal Britney. I had to cut it off before I threw my phone out of annoyance.). But there are some gems in here that you should consider listening to. 

Here are the four songs nice enough to add to your song library: 

1. Slumber Party

Slumber party is a cool, hypnotizing, little sexy number. Britney talks about a sensual slumber party with bae. I can definitely see girls adding this to their getting ready for date night playlist because it's the perfect mood setter for putting on a dress and curling your hair. 

2. Love Me Down

I talked about this in my Friday Favorites, but this is the best song on the entire album. Britney should really consider making this a single because when that beat drops, it's crazy. I'm picturing choreography, "I'm A Slave For You" era Britney, a desert. Listen, I'm here for this song okay. 

3. Hard To Forget Ya

This song reminds me so much of a Disney Channel song. But not the cheesy ones, the one that was always banging on the original movie soundtracks. I'm really interested to see how this song fits on a road trip playlist, something tells me it would go off. 

4. Coupure Électrique

Do not ask me what this means. I don't know. I did a light Google and apparently the French lyrics don't even translate over right. It doesn't matter. I'm in this phase where I'm listening to World Music in languages I don't speak and enjoying the vibe without knowing the lyrics. Whatever it is, you know its supposed to be hot and I'm here for it. Mess around and let me learn some of these lyrics, and we're all in trouble. Okay my fiancee and besties are in trouble because they're the ones who I annoy. 

Did you listen to Britney's Glory album? What are your thoughts? How are you feeling about Britney's latest projects. Let me know in the comments below.  



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