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5 Reasons Gina Rodriguez Is Totally My WCW

5 Reasons Gina Rodriguez Is Totally My WCW

Every Wednesday, I want to take the time to show some love to a woman who's killing it in one way or another. Today I'm highlighting Gina Rodriguez who plays Jane in Jane the Virgin.

Today I was reminded of my love for Gina Rodriguez. Gina was the guest on this week's episode of Sooo Many White Guys, a podcast with Phoebe Robinson from 2 Dope Queens. She is all around amazing, so it's hard to limit this list to why she's my WCW and should be yours too, but I'm determined to do it.

1. Gina is drop dead gorgeous, not only on the outside, but the inside too. 

Gina is truly one of the prettiest people in Hollywood. I had trouble picking a photo for this post because every single picture, I was just asking myself how does she get more pretty?

But even better, she is funny, kind, sweet, and just really friggin cool. I don't know her personally, but I've watched like every interview so I think that counts for something. Gina is like that older girl you met as a kid, who was super pretty and really nice but most importantly didn't ignore you because you were a kid, so all you want to do is sit up under her and listen to her talk all day because she's perfect.

2. Her voice is sexy without trying to be...always. How can I learn to do that?

I'm a big fan of Jane the Virgin, and like I mentioned, I've watched all of the interviews. But it's something about listening to a podcast that makes you really pay attention to how a person speaks. So while listening to Sooo Many White Guys, I realized that Gina has a voice that drips with honey and champagne. And it's so natural and unforced. I need a class from her so that I can speak like that all of the time.

3. Because I cry everytime I hear her Golden Globe acceptance speech.

Every. Single. Time. By the time she gets to the end, I'm a proud aunt at a high school graduation, standing up with tears in my eyes, screaming "YOU CAN AND YOU DID GIRL! YOU DID!"

4. She uses her platform for good.

I love Gina Rodriguez's work on screen, whether as Jane or on Youtube as Bekka on I Love Lucy & Bekka. But I always love someone's work 700x more if they use their platform for good, especially to look out for other POC. After #OscarsSoWhite, Gina decided to use her platform to feature a Latino or Latina artist doing amazing things in hopes that the community will support those projects, and we can see more Latinos represented in the media. She does this every Monday on her Instagram with the hashtag #MovementMondays.

5. Because everything she does is phenomenal.

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