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Friday Favorites Vol. 2

Friday Favorites Vol. 2

Every Friday I take the time to point out some things I'm obsessed with in entertainment. If you're loving the same things I am or discover something new, let me know in the comments below!


Kiiara - Gold

I'm not sure how I managed to miss out on this piece of magic, because the song is a year old. But Pandora played this for me the other day, and I haven't stopped playing since. Such a good pop record.

Sucker for Pain - Various Artists

I saw Suicide Squad this past weekend and have been in love with this song since. It's perfect for the movie, but it's also just really good, despite there being 800 people in this song.

BLCKSPKZ Vibemix - BlckSpkz

I am still going strong with my Masego obsession and Soundcloud has noticed. So they gave me a bunch of suggestions, all good, but this one stood out. This mix is just a vibe. There are songs in there you'll recognize and songs you won't but want to know more about. Try it out on a Saturday afternoon and tell me you don't feel chill.


Voices by Lilly Singh

Earlier this week I made Superwoman my WCW because of this video right here. And you can read allllll about that right here. (Psst. Watch the video. You won't regret it.)

Simone Biles Being Absolutely Sickening

#BlackGirlMagic. That's all.

Glozell Has Her Baby!

I've been watching Youtuber, Glozell go through the difficult process of having her baby. She had it through a surrogate due to endometriosis. But her baby girl was finally born this week, and I cried all of the thug tears.


Suicide Squad

Listen. This movie is nowhere near as bad as people say. Weakest fight scene ever? Sure. Cheesy moments? Definitely. Some wrongdoing by some characters? Absolutely. But if you're not one of those people who's obsessed with the comics and every single detail, you'll absolutely enjoy it. I'm considering being Harley Quinn for next Halloween. Body won't be ready this one.


Last Name Basis - All Apologies

Last Name Basis is a podcast done by the amazing Franchesca Ramsey (you may know her as Chescaleigh) and her husband Patrick. They are a great, fun couple. And this week they apologize for being gone so long. I've been lowkey impatiently waiting for a new episode, so it was great to see them back.


The Read - Rap, Lies, and Penis

The Read is hands down, no questions, my favorite podcast. This week's episode highlights the multiple penis news stories we've gotten this week, Kid Fury's experience with Customs/TSA, and Crissle's read of every person trippin about Gabby Douglas not putting her hand over her heart. My eyes roll every time I have to say that.


Rise and Scam

Fader interviewed Branden, the guy who plays Joanne the Scammer, and it is fascinating.


One time I got very lost in my hometown of Orlando because of Mapquest. This tweet brought back so many memories for me.

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5 Reasons Gina Rodriguez Is Totally My WCW

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