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What Happened With the All The Way Up Remix?

What Happened With the All The Way Up Remix?

I didn't expect to be writing a blog post tonight. But I heard something so sad that I had to comment somewhere.

Tonight Fat Joe and Remy Ma dropped an "All the Way Up Remix" featuring Jay Z on Tidal. I'm still currently living off of my Lemonade free trial so I excitedly opened up the app to listen. Let's take a pause here to get some back story. 

My love for Remy Ma is real. I was legitimately excited when she got out of jail. Remy Ma has always been tough with the bars. I've listened to "Conceited" once a week since middle school. When she got out I listened and watched every single interview she did and realized that I really loved her personality. Her Love & Hip Hop appearances only furthered that. Then "All The Way Up" came out and blew up, and it was so good! I was, and still am, very excited for the joint album. I listened to every interview with her and Fat Joe whether it was via video, radio or podcast. So at this point, I've become a real fan of Remy Ma.

Because I've seen every interview, I knew the story about her debut album, how Fat Joe's beef with Jay Z messed with her album sales, and how Jay Z is her favorite rapper. I can literally hear her say the line "But don't you know you're my favorite rapper!" exactly as she said it. So when she posted a photo with Jay Z saying a surprise was coming to Tidal, I was hype for her.

And then I heard the remix.

And then I was no longer hype.

And I realized that I never need to hear a Jay Z verse ever again. If this is the best Jay Z is bringing now, I'm good. Shall I pull out some of the lyrics?

"Lemonade was a popular drink and it still is."

"The OG said Hov how high is high enough. I said til we eye and eye with the higher ups."

These are freestyle lyrics that your homie in high school gave you who really wanted to make it in the rap game but everyone knew he was just okay.

And somehow, Jay Z's verse led to two more terrible verses from Fat Joe and Remy Ma. It's like he threw everyone off of their game. Everyone was flowing like they were okay rappers freestyling in high school. I don't understand. Their flow was off. They were adding pauses in strange spaces. Remixes are supposed to be better. Movie sequels are supposed to be worse. What happened here? I don't understand.

But I do understand, if Jay Z is going to continue to give us this, I'm good on any more albums. I will forever have "Big Pimpin" "99 Problems" and "Izzo." As a fan of Jay Z, I will not continue to be disappointed with mediocrity.

Maybe this is just a hiccup. Maybe it's just a bad verse. But after "Pop Style" and then this I'm beginning to have my doubts.

Have you listened to the All The Way Up Remix? What are your thoughts? Let me know below!

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