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Beyonce's "Formation" is Here Just in Time For the Super Bowl

When do you sleep as a Beyonce stan? The answer is you don't. And today I was reminded of that. 

I laid down and took a nap, prepared to wake up and write a post about how it took me 10 days to finally like Rihanna's album. I had listened to a bit of the Future project prepared to do a review. But NOPE. Beyonce is here, and I don't care about anyting else. 

So let's just first and foremost say, the song is great. The video is great. It reminds me very much of the No Angel video, which I adored, so I was already happy. But here are some other thoughts I had while watching this video: 

  • The opening line is “Yall haters corny with this Illuminati mess.” And this is when I knew that Beyonce had come to snatch wigs. And I just handed mine right on over. No fight necessary.

  • I was very happy to see Blue here. She’s such a ray of sunshine. And she was standing there looking like “While y’all were talking about how I need to comb my hair, I need you to check these curls, because they’re POPPIN.”

  • This is also the first time Beyonce has clapped back at these people talking about her baby’s hair, and I’m glad it’s in this form.

  • Beyonce in braids is an aesthetic. Period.

  • I am getting an American Horror Story Coven vibes, which of course is based off New Orleans, but I

  • can totally see Beyonce being Angela Bassett’s witch sister.

  • Also, can I have the maroon outfit Beyonce and her dancers are wearing in the dance scenes in the hallway. I don’t know where I’m wearing it, but I want it.

  • Dance scenes are on point as always.

  • I could do without Beyonce holding up her middle fingers for so long, but this in no way knocks down the score of the video for me.

  • Also, let me say, I love when Beyonce references things that I don’t think she knows about because she’s rich. Like Red Lobster.

  • I love how boss this whole verse is. I’ll call it the Red Lobster verse. I am so sick of these songs from these basic, think-they-hot-cause-they-got-some-money, busters talking about they’ll let me count their money because I’m good. Nah. If YOU’RE good, I’ll take you to Red Lobster and maybe let you buy some Jordans because EYEEEEE got my own money and that's what EYEEEEE can do.

  • AND to end it off, Beyonce placed a social justice message in there. Black Lives Matter. Stop shooting us.

The era of Beyonce with some ratchet seems like it'll be sticking around for a while. And I'm here for it. I also love how Beyonce puts all her talking into her music. Your fave can't catch mine. Your fave can't even see mine. Who is your fave? Not Beyonce. That's unfortunate. 

One time for Beyonce giving people the track for free. I can't wait for the Super Bowl tomorrow. I'll be live tweeting from my personal Twitter handle: @EllenRobinson92. Follow me so we can enjoy it together. What did y'all think of "Formation?" Let me know in the comments below!  

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