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It's Been A Year!!

It's Been A Year!!

Do you know what today is? It's our anniversary.

It's been a whole year since I faced my fears and started this blog. And amazing things have happened in this year.

There was that time when Jordin Sparks actually read my blog post and tweeted me, and I died.

Then that other time when Megan Tan from Millennial not only read my post, but also sent me a tweet! (She inspired me to go ahead and start this blog, so this was huge.)

Oh! That time that Ariana decided to drop the best Christmas album out of nowhere, and I literally wrote a piece about it in a terminal and published it as I was heading on the plane, and then right before I took off Ariana liked the Tweet and I had to try not to freak out on a plane because....plane.

And I can't forget that time that I wrote a piece about my hood queen, Blac Chyna and it lowkey blew up.

But the absolute coolest thing that has come out of this is having people actually read The Culture Thesis, yell at me for not writing an album review, and waiting patiently while I get my stuff together all the while cheering me on. Thank yall so much for coming along with me on this ride. Year two is about to be even bigger and better.

For one I have an editorial calendar. Well, kinda. I have a list of topics I'll be writing about. There is now The Culture Thesis podcast and a video series called New Artist Introductions. And I have a lot more planned for the year to come.

But today we celebrate. So have a look around the new place. Follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (use the cute little icons above or if you're on mobile use the three dots below). Oh! And send me a celebration gif if you're feeling social.

Again, THANK YOU for reading, for being here with me, for sharing the posts, for supporting me. I love you guys.

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