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DJ Khaled Has Some Major Keys

DJ Khaled Has Some Major Keys

So if you were somehow asleep or haven't been swayed by the magic that is DJ Khaled's Snapchat, you missed the fact that DJ Khaled's album, Major Key came out. I am one of the probably millions that follows DJ Khaled on Snapchat, so for months I have heard him yell out to a multitude of people asking them if ______'s vocals were here yet only for them to answer, "it's top secret." So I was a little hype about this album.

I'm not gonna lie. I expected my high to be blown. DJ Khaled makes great singles, albums though? I can't remember a single one. But this album brings a new energy and lots of keys, although some of those keys we could've definitely left at home.

Keys I'm Happy to Add to My Key Ring

I Got The Keys

I have to admit, when I first heard this song after the BET Awards, I wasn't crazy about it. But I love the line "My wife's Beyonce. I brag different." So I came back to it. It definitely didn't hurt that I went apartment looking a few weeks ago and every time someone said the word keys my fiance and I were singing the chorus. So what are you gonna do? Add it to your iPhone, that's what.

Nas Album Done

Nasir Jones said yall not about to forget about him. Not only was I excited that Nas was on this album, I was excited that he had a song by himself and slaughtered it. He also lowkey stunted. The beat is absolutely sick and I love that's it's black AF and weaving some consciousness in it. Also shout out to Tristan Walker over at Bevel. Support that man. His product is amazing, and he didn't pay me to say that.

Nas, I'm excited for this album.

Holy Key

Holy sugar honey ice tea, the way this beat enters. Everyone's verse could've been trash, and I probably would have still loved this song. Big Sean came through killin it. And we're going to talk one day about how yall need to start respecting Sean, but that's for another post. This is the fourth track on the album and the THIRD rapper to mention something about black lives. And I want to hug all of them for using this platform to mention it.

And then King Kendrick came through and as always gave the dopest verse. There's an argument out there that's it too soon to consider Kendrick one of the best rappers of the rap game, but how can you say that when every verse he gives is perfect. How?

Work For It

This was definitely my favorite song on the album. First of all that beat, come on. It's amazing. Big Sean snapped. Gucci was cool little addition. 2 Chainz is always welcomed in my ears. This is the song that I keep coming back to. It's just so incredibly good, and it's because of Big Sean and that beat.

Wait, so Big Sean's second verse just came on. And it's just.....this song is perfect! And it samples "U Remind Me." You can't tell me this song doesn't go off.


This song is my JAM. Honestly. For real. I know that this is probably part 28 of one long Travis Scott song because all of his stuff sounds the same, but my hips move when this song comes on. I enjoy it. I dance to it. It's another song that I consistently come back to on this album.

Forgive Me Father

I don't know who's decision it was to put my problematic fave, Meghan Trainor, Wiz Khalifa and Wale on a track but bravo to you. I would've never placed them together. I actually wish the album would have ended here. It's such an ending anthem, and it made me kind of like Wale again.

Keys I Can Probably Lose on the Way Home

Jermaine's Interlude

Hey Jermaine. So Jermaine's song was...dope. But also kind of mad depressing. I doubt I'll listen to it again on purpose. This is definitely the kind of song that comes on when you're on hour three of the road trip, and you're not into changing songs. But it's not bad. It's just depressing.

Don't Ever Play Yourself

I don't know if it's because this song comes so late in the album or if it's really what it is, but this song is so forgettable. I don't hate it. I just literally forget about it when going to go play the album. We'll also talk later about how I believe that Big Sean is the new Fabolous.

Keys I Can Lose

For Free

It hurts me to say this because yall know Drake is my backup husband. But this song never took off for me. Maybe it's because Drake's suggesting that his sex is so good that the girl should pay him, and it's just so eye roll worthy and not even in the maybe eventually this song will be fun way.

Ima Be Alright

DJ Khaled asked 8000 times if the Bryson Tiller vocals were there. He could've sent them back. The song is uninteresting, unneeded and mad annoying.

Do You Mind

So I'm going to say this. And I'm not happy to say this as a fan of Nicki Minaj. But, I don't know if it's her drama happening at home, her relationship with Meek Mill or if *cringes* Safaree really did write her rhymes but these guest verses have been weak since The Pinkprint. I need Nicki to pull it together.

Other than that, the song was a snoozefest. Also, let's stop asking Nicki to sing on things. She's the kind of singer who is fun for a kickback when you hit a little verse, not for actual music.

Pick These Hoes Apart

I knew it. I knew by the name. I knew when I saw Kodak Black's name. I just knew this song was going to be trash, and it was. Jeezy, why would you match Kodak's flow? It doesn't work for you. Stop that. How in the world is it possible that I liked a French Montana verse? I don't know if it was actually good or if the rest of the song was so bad that I appreciated French more than usual. I refuse to ever listen this song ever again.

F**k Up The Club

Two words. No thanks.


I hate reggae so the moment it came on I was good on that. The album ends at "Forgive Me Father" for me.

Overall, DJ Khaled had a pretty solid album for me. I definitely enjoyed the experience. Did you listen? What are some keys you can keep or lose? Let me know in the comments below!





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