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The Mindy Project is Killing It Right Now: Blogmas Day 1

Has anybody been watching The Mindy Show lately? 

Because you should be. 

I've always loved The Mindy Project, so when Hulu picked it up, I was super excited. I was even more excited when I discovered that they were still using the same cameras, the same theme song, the same music, etc. They weren't pulling a BET and The Game switch up. We were actually going to keep the show going exactly how we loved it!

I also love how Hulu is making us watch it one episode at a time, each Tuesday. It's like traditional television, except no commercials since I pay for ad-free Hulu (yes, that's a thing and it is very worth the cost).

Season four has been good. I will admit, it started to get a little bit....well, boring towards the middle. I'm not sure if it was because Danny was gone. Or because Mindy being a mother is a transition we're all still getting used to, but I begin to doubt that The Mindy Project could keep going. I had trouble seeing the vision of how this show was going to grow.

But oh Mindy Kaling made me eat my words. Much like Beyonce, I just need to shut up and watch what happens live like Andy Cohen. Because, baaaabbbyyyyy, episode 11 (The Lahiris and the Castellanos) and episode 12 (The Parent Trap) had me not blinking and sitting very still, mesmerized by what was happening on my screen. 

I am not going to give any spoilers, so I won't say anything that happens besides the need to know. But it's really great to see Mindy tackling a subject that's often talked about but never really given more than a few lines of real thought. That subject is working moms. And Mindy is handling it realistically. There's back and forth. There are discussions. There are a range of emotions, and my eyes seriously could not leave the screen. 

Trust me. If you're not watching The Mindy Project, you are missing out. Binge watch the 12 episodes. It's 30 minutes long so that's what...6 hours. It's possible. We are a Netflix generation. 

What have you thought about the last two episodes? Were you as mesmerized as I was? Let me know in the comments. 

Also, I will be blogging every, single day this month in celebration of Blogmas. So come back tomorrow to see what I'm talking about next. Or like The Culture Thesis on Facebook, so it can just pop up in your feed. 

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