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The Cover of Ignition (Remix) That I Didn't Know I Needed : Blogmas Day 12

Scott Bradlee and the Postmodern Jukebox is a group that I've been following for a while on YouTube. I stumbled upon Post Modern while looking up Drunk in Love covers and instantly subscribed. They take new and recent songs and cover them with a vintage style. Scott Bradlee is the one who’s always on the piano. The singer and the band around him change, but Scott Bradlee has tapped into a talented group of people, as they always sound great.

Yesterday, they released a new video covering R. Kelly's Ignition (Remix). And I honestly did not know that this was something that I needed in my life, but it is, so I wanted to introduce it to you if you haven't discovered it!

Rayvon Owen is on vocals and his voice is beautiful. He's also a happy singer! He smiles when he sings. I'm not sure if it's because of the song itself or if he's always that way, but it's fun to watch him perform. I may need to look his personal music up after this.

Also, watch the background. The band is phenomenal, but when Lemar Guillary (trombone) and Jacob Scesney (sax) aren't playing, they are pretty entertaining. You can tell they're both pretty impressed with Rayvon's voice and the way the song is going. But there are also moments where Jacob is looking straight at the camera, making this face, not sure what it is, but it's amusing.

So, check out the video. Tell me what you think about it. And check out more Postmodern Jukebox videos. It's totally worth it.


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