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#TBT Rediscovering Destiny's Child's 8 Days of Christmas: Blogmas Day 10

We are 15 days away from Christmas! And although I started playing my Christmas music on November 15th, I find myself adding more and more Christmas albums to my Christmas playlist (thanks Apple Music!).

The other day, while doing some adding, I hit a gold mine. Destiny's Child's 8 Days of Christmas album came out in 2001. I still vividly remember sitting in front of the TV watching 106 & Park when the music video for 8 Days of Christmas came out. I rewatched it today, and realized we don't appreciate this song or this video enough. Here's why.

1. That Beat Drop

Tell me you don't move a little somethin' when the beat drops. It's impossible not to. I'm convinced it's the trillest intro to any Christmas song ever.

2. Destiny's Child Laid Out A Perfect Mix of Gifts

Destiny's Child wrote a road map for all couples. Four of the gifts, couldn't be bought in the store. He gave her quality time, a candlelit dinner at home, a poem, and a massage. Yes, the other gifts are a bit dated. I have no earthly idea what Chloe shades are, and I'm not going to Google it either. It was 2001 and it doesn't matter. The point is this song isn't just glorifying the material things, and that's nice. (Note: If you have a significant other who's not too good at gift giving or doesn't know what to get you, just emphasize the lyrics of the gift giving real hard. Maybe they'll catch the hint.)

3. The Music Video Is So Fun

Kelly comes into the video with such a great aura, and she's smiling. You just soak up that energy. It's also red-headed, short bob Kelly, which is life. Everyone looks gorgeous and jolly in their Santa suits. There are children running everywhere. It's just happy! And it's impossible to not take that happiness with you this close to Christmas.

4. It's Dated.

But wait, you say, how can it being dated be a good thing? That's a good question. The feeling of Christmas is a mixture of a lot of things but one of those things is definitely nostalgia. That's why Hershey's and M&Ms continue to send that same commercial to the television stations year after year. This song screams 2001. Beyonce receives a gift certificate to purchase her favorite CDs. Walmart has chopped their CD section into a smooth one aisle. But you know what? I remember getting a Walmart gift card and thinking about how I was about to murder the CD section. 8 Days of Christmas just gives you that good, old time feeling.

So add this back to your Christmas playlist. Let that beat drop and float back to 2001. Happy Holidays everyone!

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