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So Ariana Grande Just Dropped A Christmas EP: Blogmas Day 18

Ariana Grande's "Christmas & Chill" EP is here. And it is really friggin good.

Apparently, Ariana has been hinting that this was coming via social media, but I somehow managed to miss all of these hints. So this was a surprise album for me, and I love a surprise album.

"Christmas and Chill is made up of five original songs (six if you count the intro). The album for the most part is a very grown up Christmas album. You probably won't be playing this with your family sitting around the tree unless you have a very free and chill family. It's definitely a Christmas love album and is perfect for when you're with friends or your significant other (cuffin' season buddies count).

Since the EP is only six tracks, I'll go track by track for this review.


Ariana ushers this album in with a lowkey trill beat. Other than Destiny's Child's 8 Days of Christmas, that had to be one of the best ways to start a song. Upon hearing this intro, I automatically knew this body of work was going to be good. When Ariana hits the mark, she HITS that mark.

Wit It This Christmas

There is something infectious about this beat. And Ariana's vocals hypnotize you. This isn't a song I would play in the car with my mom. She's talking about giving milk and cookies. And she's not talking T.G. Lee and Pillsbury. But regardless, it's a cute song and really enjoyable to listen to.


You know what, whoever worked with Ariana on this album and the first one need to be with her at all times. She totally has potential to be a pop queen. This song gives you the Mean Girls Christmas scene mixed with a lowkey hood beat. Whenever Ariana mixes pop, R&B, and hip hop she wins. I'm also not sure if this is a hint that her next album will be coming this summer, but this song is definitely sexy and festive at the same time. Something I didn't quite think was possible.

Not Just On Christmas

This song has the most traditional Christmas sound. The music overpowers her a bit in some parts of the song, but who cares. It's such a cute song and is a reminder to appreciate and celebrate the ones you love every day, but not in the way that you're guaranteed to see people say on Valentine's Day. It's really loving and sweet.

True Love

Ariana, if you don't come through with this beat. I say again, whenever Ariana mixes pop, R&B and hip hop SHE WINS. This song is also cute, because it's kind of a 12 Days of Christmas Part 2 or a remix but focuses on the love part. Also, it's a song celebrating commitment. A CHRISTMAS song celebrating commitment, it doesn't get much better than that.

Winter Things

As a person who grew up in Orlando, Florida, this song touches my heart. It talks about living in a warm place during Christmas, but creating a winter experience so it truly feels like Christmas. The song is done on a ukulele, which adds to the tropical life story. If you're a person who grew up the same way this song will take you back, and you'll truly enjoy it.

Honestly, the only real complaint I have about this album is that she released it 7 days before Christmas instead of letting me obsess over it all December long. Listen to the album and tell me what you think in the comments!

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