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Podcasts That Be Poppin: Women of the Hour: Blogmas Day 15

Podcasts That Be Poppin: Women of the Hour: Blogmas Day 15

Are you a fan of Lena Dunham? If not, I can almost guarantee you that after listening to this podcast you will be.

Women of the Hour is a podcast miniseries that talks to women in all different stages of life about love, work, life, friendship, and their body. Some of the women are famous, while others are women doing amazing things in their everyday life. The only constants are Emma Stone and June Squibb who serve as advice givers for every episode.

Lena Dunham does an excellent job of asking the right questions and getting guests to tell their full story. She also gives you a lot of insight into her own life without overpowering anybody. There are also moments when Lena steps away and allows someone else to interview the guests. Speaking of guests, there are so many of them packed into an episode, it's crazy, but a good crazy. You get so much content and wisdom and sound clips that when the episode is over, you're kind of sad about it. For women, this podcast will feel like you're part of a community. For men, it's a great way to understand different facets of womanhood and some of the issues women face daily.

Women of the Hour published their last episode on Dec. 10th. But podcasts live forever, so feel free to listen and in any order. Women of the Hour stays away from pop culture and politics and the news, so it won't even feel dated.

Let me know what you think!

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