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Podcasts That Be Poppin: Millennial

Podcasts That Be Poppin: Millennial

I figured I would kick off this series with the podcast that pushed me to start this blog, Millennial. 

Millennial is hosted by Megan Tan, a woman in her 20s trying to figure out life after graduation. Her podcast is unique, as she records her daily conversations and includes them as a part of the podcast. Megan's ultimate goal is to be a radio broadcaster, but currently works as a waitress. 

It's comforting to listen to someone who is trying to figure life out. Often times, life feels sort of like a race, especially after graduation. Facebook doesn't help. Every day someone is getting their dream job, or having a baby, or getting married, or buying a house or backpacking across Europe. My timeline is one long highlight reel, and I'm seeing everyone's best shots. It's nice to hear someone admit that they're scared they'll never reach their dream. It's nice to hear someone vocalize the things that I'm thinking. Although my dream is different from Megan Tan's, I often find myself screaming "Yes! OMG Megan, yes thank you for saying that." 

Millennial talks about everything from how dreams and relationships can work, how dream chasing isn't glamorous, and lately, interviewing with NPR for a dream job. Megan is so relatable that you find yourself rooting for her. I even went so far as screaming at the end of episode 7 titled "What's Your Worth?" I'll let you find out why on your own. It also helps you figure out questions in your own life. It truly makes you think and want to push yourself harder. 

As I said in the beginning, Millennial is the reason I started this blog. On episode 4 ("Nothing to Lose") Megan discusses the process of bringing Millennial to life. I recognized many of her actions and conversations. I was using the same stall tactics. I was having those same conversations. And that night I began the process of creating The Culture Thesis. A week later I bought the domain. 

Millennial is the most relatable, inspirational podcast that every 20-something should be listening to. There are only 8 episodes since it comes out once a month, so you have plenty of time to catch up. Listen to them in order. 

Do you listen to Millennial? Did you read this post and check it out? Let me know how you like it below!

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