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Five Reasons I’m Obsessed with American Horror Story: Blogmas Day 6

So I was tardy to the party. I’ve heard about American Horror Story for a while now, but it wasn’t until a month or so ago that I finally decided to sit down and watch it on Netflix. And I am so sorry that I waited this long. I am obsessed. I’m now in Season 3, so I still have some catching up to do. But here’s five reasons why I’m totally obsessed with American Horror Story.

1. Jessica Lange

I do not think that I can stress how much I am in love with Jessica Lange. From Constance to Jude to Fiona, I am always cheering for her even when she’s being the worst. Her walk, no matter what character, is similar to Beyonce’s. It’s powerful and sexy and strong, and I need it. I want to be her. I love her portrayal of each character. She is a top notch actress, and I’ve clearly been slacking in life by not experiencing her. I’m saddened that she’s no longer with the series, which makes me look forward to season five a little less. But for now, I am highly enjoying watching her on screen.

2. The storyline

Yes, the storyline comes second to Jessica Lange. This whole list would be Jessica Lange if possible. The storyline is always so intriguing, and I can never quite guess where it’s going. It’s so refreshing to not have a clue what’s going to happen next. I also love how the story overpowers the scary and gory parts. I’m a peeking-through-the-hands-at-a-scary-movie kind of girl, so for me to watch even though I’m scared means the storyline is pretty darn good.

3. The same actors are recycled.

It’s awesome how season to season, the actors never change. They may add characters and someone may drop off, but mostly everyone from season one continues to be there. This leads to a strange heartwarming affection for the person, even though I know they’re playing a new character. It almost feels like a family somehow, and it’s strangely comforting. I trust that they will always play their new character well.

4.Angela Bassett

I mean come on. I’m only four episodes into season three, but Angela Bassett is already badder than a mothersucka, you hear me? I adored the scene with Jessica and Angela because it is two powerhouses in one setting. How did everybody not implode? I’m really excited to see more of her. Put Angela on any show, and I’m obsessed with it.

[Spoiler Alert] Now I’m warning you before I place this last one to go ahead and stop reading if you have not gotten to the end of season one because you jumped on this train late like I did.




5. When everybody died on season one.

The moment everyone died on season one is the moment that I decided that Ryan Murphy and I would be together through the end with this show. Who kills everybody?! Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk that’s who. That move alone was incredibly realistic. I was already sold, but that move locked and sealed me in. If they were willing to kill everybody, it meant nobody was safe, which ensures that you’ll never be able to guess what’s happening next.

Are you as obsessed with American Horror Story as I am? What’s your favorite season? Who’s your favorite character? Let me know in the comments below?  

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