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Everything Wrong with Kanye's Twitter Rant

In the words of Chris Brown, while stuck in his hotel room in the Philippines, can somebody tell me what the f**k is going on. I'm reading headlines after headlines. I'm not sure if 2016 has been deemed the year of petty. I'm not sure if there's something in the water in LA. But everyone has lost their mind, and I am enjoying it. 

However, there were many things wrong with this rant that Kanye went on today. And honestly, as entertaining as this was, I didn't need it. And it actually made me less excited for his new album. 

If you somehow missed it, Kanye got mad at Wiz Khalifa, because Wiz went on a whole rant last night because Kanye changed the name of his album to "Waves." Wiz is upset because he feels like this disrespects Max B. In all of this, Kanye saw a tweet about KK, and not realizing it stood for Khalifa Kush, then went on a rant.  

1. Clearly Kanye was smoking something. This first tweet doesn't even make sense. Those two things don't go together. At this point, Kim should've popped her head in the room and said "Babe, give me your phone. We not finna do this today." 

2. I don't smoke anything, but even I knew Wiz was talking about weed. Also, let's look at the context of Wiz's tweet that sparked this madness. "Hit this kk and become yourself." It doesn't even make sense for Kim Kardashian to fit there. Also, does Kanye think kk can only stand for Kim K because if so I have news for him. 

3. This is an insult to Kid Cudi, and that's no shade to Wiz. Wiz talks about weed, girls, hanging with his boys, and more weed. Kid Cudi had a whole story going to him. He has levels and depth. Just because they both smoke weed (or in Cudi's case, used too) doesn't mean you can place them in the same category. 

4. First....single? As in "Black and Yellow?" And who says most there after!?

5. Work Hard, Play Hard? *does my Googles* Work Hard, Play Hard came out in 2012 on his fourth studio album. What is Kanye talking about first single? 

6. "You have distracted me from my creative process." There was not a single person who asked you to do this sir. In fact, I'm pretty sure if Jay Z turned his tweet notifications on for you, this would've stopped after the first tweet. 

7. Honestly, there is nothing wrong with this tweet. It's the best thing I've ever read. 

8. #Wizwearscoolpants I honestly need to remember this hashtag forever, so that whenever I feel it, I can switch out Wiz's name for a friend's name. And do you know what's even better than this tweet? The fact that he sent a screen shot with this phrase to his style team. And I KNOW they had to be sitting there like ummmm okayyyyyyy.....*texts Kanye back. Damn, that's crazy bruh* because what do you say to that?! 

9. 3rd. Sir, where was first and second. Moving on, you thought Wiz's first single was "Work Hard, Play Hard," which lets me know you don't listen to anything he does. I don't know anyone who's listened to a Hoodie Allen album all the way through but yet and still, he's here. 

10. FIRST OF ALL YOU'RE GONNA STOP COMING FROM MUVA (more on her response later). But the fact that you even brought Amber in here eye roll worthy. For one, you were obsessed with Amber. There is a whole album that exists for Amber, and then you went on a national tour talking about how much you love the girl. But now that you have Kim, it's a different story. And Kanye, I need you to virtually look deep in my eyes. The difference between Kim and a stripper is the fact that Kim can't dance. That is all. 

11. Oh Kanye. You're a dad. You have two children of your own. If someone said anything about your babies you'd be on their porch. And the only reason you brought it up here was because you know Wiz is chill and high all the time and won't be waiting for you at the do'. 

12. In reference to this set of tweets: This is what y'all did. This is what happens when you put people on pedestals. I blame each and every one of y'all who co-signed this. 

13. You wouldn't have your child if it wasn't for me. I own your child. Again, you are a father, and you are very lucky that Wiz doesn't get mad. He would be so justified for that fade he would provide if he did get angry. You never go that far. You don't bring anyone's kids into it period. You found the line crossed it, drew another one, and then Cupid Shuffled right over that one, as well. 

14. Let's skip to the 17th point. Emphasis on the 17th. What happened here? I don't understand. I thought #Wizwearscoolpants was an insult. So you like the way he dresses? What is your point? 

 *Takes a deep sigh* Kanye then proceeded to let us know that this album is a gospel album. 

But the even crazier thing was, so many people on the internet decided that he won this "beef" against Wiz, who besides stating he's "not entertaining this troll" said nothing. And to that I say don't trust those people. They took an incoherent, disrespectful, crazy rant and are acting like he just Drake'd him. Was this entertaining? Of course! But if you don't realize that Kanye was 100 percent in the wrong here, I can't trust you. Place them with Beyonce-haters. 

And honestly, the real winner of this whole thing was Muva who came through with the best hashtag of 2016 and it's not even February yet. Y'all are really gonna stop coming for Amber when she didn't send for you. 

Thanks to http://malteniccals.tumblr.com/ who pulled the Tweets and placed them on Tumblr to live forever. 


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