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Blac Chyna is a Petty Legend.

Blac Chyna is a Petty Legend.

Blac Chyna is a Queen. And if you didn't know, now you know. 

I've been working on some back end stuff for The Culture Thesis, but I've also been waiting for the perfect pop culture event to bring me back. And gosh darn it, if Blac Chyna's level of petty wasn't enough to do it, I don't know what would. 

Blac Chyna, if she pulls this off, will graduate with Drake and 50 Cent, summa cum laude, at Petty University. Blac Chyna has always been petty. But her level of petty, while entertaining, has been done before. We've all done it. A few comments here. A few pictures there. A couple of memes. And some interesting Snapchats. But THIS, no this right here is inspirational. 

So Blac Chyna is apparantly dating Rob Kardashian. No idea if this is exclusive or just another Future tattoo prank, but as of right now, we're taking this as if they're a thing. 

As a Shade Room fanatic, strange things have been happening that didn't make sense. 

First, Rob Kardashian posted a photo on Instagram, and Blac Chyna liked it. I couldn't understand why. This is an old photo of Rob. Chyna and the Kardashians aren't cool. But Blac Chyna was 12 steps ahead of me. 

Then, we got a strange post from Kylie Jenner, which she later deleted. 

And then Blac Chyna came for her crown.  

And let me just say, no Kardashian has come forward yet to say this isn't true. 

This is messy. Like Faith sleeping with Miles on Soul Food messy. Someone pointed out that if Blac Chyna got as far as marrying Rob, him and Kylie would share the same stepchild. Everybody would be at Thanksgiving and Christmas looking super awkward. And you know what? Blac Chyna knows this. 

Blac Chyna is inspirational. She is a hood Queen. She is a Petty Legend. Who does this? Who wakes up one day and says, you know how I'm going to do? I'm going to get that girl back by dating her locked-away-from-society brother. Petty geniuses think like that. 50 Cent is proud. Jackee Harry is proud. Drake might not be proud, because he might want to save her from this. But the point is, Blac Chyna has just reached the pinnacle of petty. As the meme below says, be like Chyna. 



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