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A Thank You To The Instagram Husbands (And Boyfriends) of the World (Making Up For Day 9)

On December 8th a video about Instagram Husbands by The Mystery Hour, a late night talk show, came out and went viral. It has almost 2 million views in two days, and it is easy to see why.

The video gives a shout out to all of the "Instagram Husbands" out there who take thousands upon thousands of pictures of their wife so that she can put up just the right picture on Instagram.

And I've never given much thought to seriously thanking my boyfriend, who is now so accustomed to me that he takes at least 10 pictures in one pose, for exercising patience when it comes to me getting just the right picture to put up on social media. Shout out to him for allowing me to try out all of the angles until I find the right one that says "Yes, I've gained weight since I left college, but I'm happy and getting paid so catch this light boo." Shout out to him not even complaining when I ask him to take one more picture just in case, even though I've already looked through them all and decided that we had got the shot.

Shout out to the Instagram Husband stand ins aka best friends aka sisters who will not only snap 50 pictures of you but will direct you as well. It honestly turns into a David O. Russell movie, and I am Jennifer Lawrence working to match your vision while simultaneously adding parts of my artistic thoughts into there. And yes, it may just be a hands on the hip picture, but do you see the gleam in my eye? Do you see the way the breeze moved my hair just over my eye giving you sexy but not too much? That is the difference between 9 likes and 20.

And what do those likes mean? Nothing. But it's a bomb picture that I will continue to use over the next 2-3 years. Also, one day I may get famous, and people are going to scroll through my Instagram. There should be nothing but greatness there.  So for that, I thank you boyfriend and stand ins.

And thank you to the other Instagram Husbands and Boyfriends who allow me to scroll down my feed and double tap until my thumb can no longer tap. You all are the real MVP.

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