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5 Pop Culture-Related Gifts You Can Buy This Christmas: Blogmas (Make Up for Day 2)

5 Pop Culture-Related Gifts You Can Buy This Christmas: Blogmas (Make Up for Day 2)

Since Wix wasn't letting me blog this past Wednesday. I needed to make up the post. What's a better way of making it up then showing you cool stuff you can buy other people this Christmas.

Oh, and no this is not sponsored. I'm not ballin like that yet. Please note: All pictures come from the website, which I link next to the name.

1. A Different World Clutch: Kashmirvii.com

I bought a Martin one for myself a couple of months ago. It was totally worth it. It's a really good quality, and super unique. Plus, you'll be supporting an up and coming artist!

2. Michael B. Jordan Shirt - Izzyandliv.com

I think I speak for all women when I say that Michael B. Jordan is nice on the eyes. So why not get Michael B. Jordan's future bae (coughcough your friend) this cute shirt. U.S. Shipping is free!

3. For the Drake Lover Who Reads Etsy.com

Now this is on my personal Christmas list, it's perfect for the book worm who loves Drake.



 4. Adele Vinyl UrbanOutfitters.com

I imagine that "Million Years Ago" sounds even better coming from a record player. And I mean why not own this album on record?

 5. Inspiration to Run Etsy.com

For that person in your life who loves The Walking Dead, loves running or needs a little inspiration. This tank is perfect.

Love any of these gifts? Let me know if you end up purchasing one! Happy Holidays!

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