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2 Years Ago Beyonce Changed The Music Industry : Blogmas Day 13

Do you remember where you were when Beyonce decided that she no longer cared about our time, sleep, or mental state?

I do. I was asleep. Because I thought Beyonce cared about my sleep. She does not. And it's fine. I've accepted that now.

Today makes two years since the release of Beyonce's self-titled album, otherwise known as, the album that changed the industry. It was the album that woke up label marketing teams worldwide. It was the album that ushered in a new wave of feminism. It was the album that made music an experience again. 

So what are some of the great things that came from this album? Well, let's talk about it.

1. The MTV performance

Beyonce's Vanguard Award performance was a reminder to everyone that she DOES this. It was the one time that even the haters had to give her her props. Those "No Angel" vocals. That transition from "Jealous" to "Blow." That Drunk in Love Piece. THE WHOLE "FLAWLESS" SECTION. Blue Ivy sitting in the audience copying the moves because clearly she's next. And she didn't touch a single song from her catalog that wasn't the self-titled album.

2. The Nicki Minaj Friendship

The self-titled album gave us a freer Beyonce. We got a Parental Advisory sticker on the cd. We got a lot of cussing. And most importantly, we got a Nicki Minaj friendship. When Beyonce and Nicki joined up to do the "Flawless Remix", the whole world went nut. First because it was like midnight when it dropped and no one knew it was coming. Second because this was what we all wanted! Anybody who had been a fan of Nicki since her mixtape days wanted this to be a reality and it came. And kept coming! We got "Feelin Myself", the video for "Feelin Myself", a Paris performance, and then just when I thought I couldn't stan for the two of them anymore, the Tidal performance! They are just sickening together. And I couldn't be happier for this friendship.

3. Partition

I've discussed Partition on this blog before and why it was Beyonce's best video. But it's worth a mention again. Music videos are rarely exciting anymore, but when Beyonce dropped 13 videos for each song on the album, we got a whirlwind of excitement. But the best of the bunch, was the Partition video because this was Beyonce truly at the top of her game.

4. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Listen, I know that she was very well-respected and known before. But whether she wanted it or not, when Beyonce used her TED Talk clip in Flawless, she entered into a new arena. Beyonce was truly the spark that made many women, including myself, really take a look at feminism and align ourselves with that. I remember spending hours on YouTube watching Chimamanda's videos because if Beyonce trusted her so did I. Chimamanda was suddenly all over the news and my timelines because of this album.

5. Surprise Albums

Two years later, we now are living in a time when an artist can drop a project at any time. And it's made music exciting again. Beyonce fans now live in a state of unrest, as any day could be the day that Beyonce drops something, but that's what makes it fun! It's a great thing to see other artists, such as Drake, adopt this strategy. The formula has changed and that's all thanks to King Bey. 

After two years, I am still madly in love with listening to this album. There are so many gems within this body of work that it's hard to stay away from it. Where were you when Beyonce dropped this album? What song are you still obsessed with? Let me know in the comments below!

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