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19 Thoughts I Had During The Wiz: Blogmas Day 3

  1. Dorothy deserved every bit of that tornado beat down she got.

  2. Dorothy’s curls are poppin! Is that a wig? Because if so, I need the name of it.

  3. The Munchkins that arrived when Dorothy first entered had amazing costumes and the background actors are really responding. Nobody on stage is dull right now.

  4. I really like Amber Riley in this role.

  5. If Amber don’t sang……oh wait. BI*** AMBER YAS if you don’t hit that note girl!!!!

  6. Did the crows just Nae Nae? I believe they did.

  7. With this dance break, I can safely say that Elijah Kelley is not as respected as he should be.

  8. I’m not crazy about Dorothy’s voice. She sounds good, but I wish her voice had more umph to it.

  9. The Tin Man costume…wow! Shout out to the makeup artist who turned Ne-Yo silver in thirty minutes.

  10. I’m not really fond of Ne-Yo’s personality (at least his public persona), but Ne-Yo as a performer is A+.

  11. I really like Dorothy as an actress. She’s extremely believable. I’m glad they went with an unknown actress for this part.

  12. It just hit me that Dorothy did a lot of assuming for someone who knows nothing about The Wiz.

  13. So this is my first time watching The Wiz. How they gone use the girl’s dead mama to get her shoes!?

  14. It is 9:15 p.m., and I’m exhausted. And there is an hour and a half left.

  15. Yas Emerald City dancers. Y’all better Vogue with your green selves.

  16. You know what? Someone should teach me how to Vogue. I’m ready.

  17. …..so I fell asleep. I’m not even sure when. But I woke up to Glenda the Good Witch. Sing Uzo!

  18. Whoa, Dorothy, this voice. I take back number 11. You got it girl!!

  19. I didn’t even see Mary! Gosh darn it. This should’ve come on earlier.

So I’m not sure how qualified my opinion is since I fell asleep for a good hour, but The Wiz was good! I would not mind seeing Shanice Williams (Dorothy) again, whether on the stage or on a screen. Amber Riley was my favorite with Ne-Yo and Elijah Kelly as a close tied second.

While I don’t think I’m going to scour the internet to watch the hour I missed, I’m so glad that NBC decided to put on this show. It’s so good for people to see black people outside of their typical roles and to see so many performers in a new way.

So there we have it. Because this was 2 hours and 45 minutes, and clearly I didn’t make it through that, we’ll make up yesterday’s post tomorrow. If you’re not following me on Facebook, you should. You’ll never miss a post (or a reason a post isn’t going up!)

What did you think of The Wiz? Let me know in the comments.

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