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10 Questions I Have For Hip Hop: Blogmas Day 11

1. Why is Lil Kim insisting on using autotune? I wouldn't mind her putting out an album again, but that autotune has got to go. 

2. Why doesn't the hip hop community give A Tribe Called Quest the respect it deserves?

3. Why isn't J. Cole's 2014 Forest Hill Drive considered his classic album?

4. Why did Travis Scott make "Maria, I'm Drunk" an album only purchase? It is the best song, and it is locked away.

5. Does anybody understand Dej Loaf as an artist? I can't seem to figure her out. I like her. There's just so many versions of her.

6. Why is Soulja Boy the only person who made a successful career out of a dance song? In other words, why are all dance song rappers one hit wonders?

7. Can we all just agree that Big Sean is this generation's Fabolous? Consistent, dope, well liked, but never brought up in the hip hop conversation.

8. When is Remy Ma going to drop an album? I'm over here still bumping Conceited, and I'm ready for an album not a mixtape. Which reminds me...

9. Why do so many artists insist on dropping mixtapes on iTunes for purchase, but then insist that it's not an album? It's 2015. If I have to purchase it, it's an album and let's proceed as such. Mixtapes go on Dat Pifffor free.99.

10. Last, but not least, what the heck is Timbaland doing with Tink? He had such a lead in with the heat and backing she got from The Breakfast Club. Where is the album man?

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