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10 (More) Questions I Have For Hip Hop: Blogmas Day 16

1. Why is it so hard to have more than one female rapper out and dominating at a time?

2. How long am I going to have to wait for another Azealia Banks album? Broke With Expensive Taste was life, and I'm ready for the next one. No rush, but make it soon.

3. What happened to Asher Roth? He was actually really good.

4. Is it absolutely necessary for a rapper to have a classic album to be considered one of the greatest of all time? Can't his body of work as a whole be enough to have them on the list?

5. Why does everyone sleep so hard on "Digital Dash" from WATTBA?

6. Why does Ebro insisted that Mike Will Made It wrote Rae Sremmurd's album? I love that album, but I feel like it wasn't that difficult to make. Not enough to need someone else to write their rhymes. Rae Sremmurd doesn't exactly go hard in the paint with the lyrics.

7. Speaking of Ebro, why is "Urban" radio so awful?

8. Who is going to be the one to snatch Childish Gambino away from the television studios and back in the booth? It's been too long since we've had new music.

9. Why does everybody keep getting excited for Lil Wayne projects? His projects haven't been good in so long. Why continue to set yourself up for disappointment?

10. Will Kanye and Jay ever make a joint album again?  "Niggas in Paris" alone is legendary, so it would be nice if that wasn't a one time thing.

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