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A Letter to black-ish (And ABC)

Dear black-ish (and ABC), 

I love black-ish. It is one of the few shows on television that actually makes me laugh out loud. The kids are perfect. Tracee Ellis Ross is life goals all by herself. And Anthony Anderson makes such a good dad. It's a joy to see a positive, funny, relatable (and black!!) family on televison. 

Unfortunately, I will not be watching you tonight. 

Or any Wednesday. 

At least not while Empire is on. 

See here's the thing. Should I watch the postive, family show that cracks me up and represents the black community, and America, well? Yes. But Empire sucks you in and keeps you there. It's like I finally understand why my Granny watched soap operas so intensely every afternoon. You never know what's going to happen. The acting, the lines, the story. It's an amazing show. It is hands down the best show to live tweet (and yes, I will be live tweeting @CultureThesis), and if you miss it somebody's GUARANTEED to spoil it for you on Facebook. There are gifs on Tumblr in milliseconds. There are reactions on Snapchat and Twitter all night. It doesn't fail. If you don't watch it right at 9, it will be spoiled for you. 

But I want you to understand, cast of black-ish, your show is one of my favorite shows on television. You better believe on Friday (I can't do Thursdays. I have to enter Shondaland. You understand. I know you do) I will be watching black-ish on Hulu. 

This is where I want ABC to pay close attention. Don't you cancel this show because ratings are down because we're all watching Empire. Move Modern Family to 8 p.m. and black-ish to 8:30 p.m. so we can watch both. That just makes it a good night of television!  

I'm watching Empire Wednesdays at 9. It's not even a debate. But I love and enjoy black-ish. So do the right thing ABC, move it up a couple of time slots. 

Again, to the cast of black-ish, I'm sorry I can't watch live. But I love you all and will be watching on Hulu. I hope you understand.

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