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5 Things That Happened Thanks to Drake and Future's What A Time to Be Alive

From what I've seen, social media seems to be pretty split on whether they believe WATTBA is fire emojis or sleep emojis. I, for one, am loving this album (sorry Drake, an piece of work that you have to buy is not a mixtape). Maybe it's because I'm not a part of this super hyped #FutureHive, and I didn't enjoy Dirty Sprite 2. All of Future's songs sound exactly the same so I expected nothing else from him. I had all the expectations for Drake, however. And he brought it, and actually Future did too...sometimes.

Here's 5 things that happened thanks to WATTBA: 

1. I Told My Boyfriend I Was Money Bags Ellen. 

I'm broke. I don't have money, but this album made me believe that "me and my friends had money to spend." Me and my friends actually owe a lot of money to Sallie Mae/Navient, but that doesn't matter. Drake and Future make me feel like I can burn money because I like the smell of it, so you can refer to me as Money Bags Ellen. 

2. I Walked Past Construction Workers Without Looking Down At My Phone. 

Catcalling is super annoying. Usually I deal by looking at my phone like I've just gotten the most important message of life. But today, as I listened to Digital Dash, I just kept walking with my head up, looking straight ahead. Yes construction workers, I'm ignoring you openly and on purpose and not making it look like an accident. 

3. I Stayed Super Focus At Work. 

My mind did not do much wondering today. You know why? Cause I got a really big team and they need some really big rings and they need some really nice things that don't need to come with strings! I was able to tune out all of my thoughts and just work. Who knew Future and Drake could keep you focus? 

4. I Stayed At The Gym For An Extra 30 Minutes.

I said I was going to take it nice and easy at the gym. But when Jumpman came on it was not possible to leave the gym. You have to go harder. You have to match Drake's energy. Not so much Future's because that man is high as a kite and it's not possible for him to turn up. But you! You can't leave! Grab them weights because where are you going? Do you hear this song? 

5. I Unfollowed Meek Mill on Instagram. 

When you take the biggest L of the year, you should honestly spend the rest of your year as lowkey as possible. I don't care if shots have been fired by two of the biggest rappers in the game right now. You keep your mouth shut. But Meek Mill couldn't help but say something on Instagram (Meek, the screenshot is real. Don't take it down like you did that diss track and try to pretend it didn't happen. The internet has proof). The time had come anyway. I only followed Meek to see pictures of Papi and Nicki Minaj, but The Shade Room and Baller Alert handle that for me, so good riddance. 

I am loving this album! Digital Dash, Diamonds Dancing, and Jumpman are my favorites.  What are your feelings on it? What are your favorite tracks? Let me know in the comments. 

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