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I Asked The Twitterverse for Music and E-Money Answered

So I decided to start an experiment that I'm hoping to make a staple on the blog. I asked singers and rappers on Twitter to send me songs. Yes, I potentially opened myself up to "listen to my mixtape" spam rappers in an effort to find new, dope music.

I had quite a few people favorite the Tweet, but only one person sent me a link to their song, a rapper by the name of E-Money. 

The beat started, and I automatically knew this was going to be a classy twerk kind of song. I am always 100% down for a classy twerk, so we were already off to a good start. The beat definitely reminds me of a beat that Curren$y would rap over, which was another win for me. 

 I couldn't compare his sound to anyone, which for me is always good. I don't need two of the same rappers. It's why I don't listen to both Rich Homie Quan and Young Thug. They both sound exactly the same. His lyrics don't exactly blow you away, but honestly, for a classy twerk song I don't need the lyrics to be out of this world. 

This is the perfect song to add to your leaving the club and heading to somebody's house party playlist. 

I want to thank E-Money for letting me start off this Twitter series on a positive note and not a I-regret-doing-this note. The video for the song is down below. Let me know what you think! 

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