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I Watched Black Mirror to See If It Was The New Twilight Zone.

I am a huge Twilight Zone fan. Every New Year's Day and July Fourth, I become good friends with the Sci-Fi channel and rewatch as many episodes as possible. I have seen almost every episode at this point. 

Other than my family (it started as a tradition with my dad), I had never met another Twilight Zone fan until I met my friend Duane. The other day Duane posted this blog post titled "Is Black Mirror Truly a Modern Twilight Zone?" on my Facebook wall. And I immediately recoiled in horror. The remake of the Twilight Zone couldn't even be the modern Twilight Zone, so how was this random show going to be it. But I saw in the blog that even Stephen King was singing it's praises, so I left a note on Duane's post saying I would check it out. I didn't read too deep into the article because I didn't want to be anymore biased than I already was at that point. 

I found the first two seasons on Netflix. [Note: If you want to watch, there are only 3 episodes in a season, so it's not that hard to swallow.] I hesitatantly clicked on the first episode. What could possibly be the new Twilight Zone? Nothing. Not this show. No ma'am. No sir. 

There was no Rod Serling introducing us into the weirdness that we were about to delve into. I had to remind myself that this was "like" the Twilight Zone and not the Twilight Zone itself. And then I got into the episode and boy was it dark. 

It was weird. It gave me anxiety. In the first episode the Princess had been kidnapped and the ransom was for the Prime Minister to go on live TV and have sex with a pig. There was no negotiating. And if the Prime Minister didn't do it, the kidnapper would kill the Princess. Was this man really going to do this to save the Princess? I'll let you watch to find out. But I finished the episode with my nerves shot. I was truly invested in the plot line but I was also left with this weird, unsatisfied feeling. Perhaps because either way there was no happy ending. 

There was no way this was what Stephen King and others were ranting and raving about. I stopped Netflix from continuing, deciding that I had seen enough. 

But then something strange happened. 

I couldn't stop thinking about it! I wanted to see a second episode. So an hour later I started up the next episode.And suddenly we were taken into another world. Just like the Twilight Zone, there were no reoccuring characters on the show. The plot changed each episode. And the second episode got me. I was in. By the next day, I was done with the first two seasons. The third one isn't on Netflix, but I'm itching to find it. 

After finishing I went back and read the post Duane had placed on my wall. And I both agreed and disagreed with the author. Black Mirror is the closest thing to a modern Twilight Zone. But it is extremly dark. There was laughter during the Twilight Zone, and as the author said hope for humanity, after the episode ended. Not so much with Black Mirror, but I will definitely be watching, anxiety and all. 

Have you watched Black Mirror? What were your thoughts? And if this post inspires you to watch this show let me know what you think. I want to talk about it. 

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